The Council of Former Federal Executives (COFFE) was founded by Bun B. Bray, Jr., in November 1988, with 22 charter members. Bun Bray was known as “Mr. Manpower” in recognition of the many high level positions he held in the Federal Government and his service as the staff director of the House of Representatives standing committee on manpower resources.

COFFE’s original mission was to work on a non-partisan basis with officials of the Departments and agencies, members of Congress and their key staff assistants, and officers of managerial, professional, and employee groups in the Federal Government to promote and support an effective, efficient, and responsive administration of the Federal Government.

In recent years COFFE’s membership has been expanded to include anyone who wants to keep abreast of major policy issues.  COFFE has partnered with the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association (FEIAA) to get the word of events to a broader audience; hence, the addition of “& Associates” to the organization’s title.

COFFE’s First Annual Report

Original COFFE Press Release

COFFE – Early Years