Alphabetical Search of Speakers Since September 2013

Name Topic or Subject Area
Atallah, Amjad Al Jazeera
Baron, Martin Print Journalism
Beecroft Robert M. The Art of Diplomacy
Berry, John Australian Democracy
Beyer, Don State of Congress
Binder, Sarah Legislating in Polarized Times
Carter, William Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity
Coffey, Luke United States and NATO
Daly, Robert China Policy
Davis, Karen Medicare Policy
DeNardis, Laura Cybersecurity
Dohner, Robert US-China-Asia Trade Policy
Eizenstat, Stuart 21st Century Challenges
Fauci, Anthony Emerging and Reemerging Diseases
Feder, Judy Affordable Care Act
Feifer, Gregory Russia
Feldman, Dan Afghanistan Policy
Haffner, Marlene Orphan Drugs
Hiebert, Murray Obama’s Pivot to Asia
Holt, Rush Science’s Role in Shaping Policy
Hughes, Kent Trade Policy
Kalb, Marvin Imperial Russia
Koskinen, John Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Lichtman, Allan Political Commentary
Lindberg, Donald Drug Trials
Litwak, Robert North Korea
Meinero, Seth Gang Violence
Meyer, Laurence Federal Reserve
Meyers, Steven Lee Vladimir Putin
Moran, Jim Congressional Activity
Mulloy, Patrick China Trade Policy
Ornstein, Norm Political Commentary
Petraeus, David National Security
Pickering, Thomas Putin and Russia
Pollitz, Karen Obamacare
Rosenstiel, Tom Press and Fake News
Rowland, Diane Health Care
Salem, Paul Middle East Problems
Sharp, Phil Climate Change
Shelley, Louise Crime, Corruption, and Human Trafficking
Shields, Mark Political Commentary
Stier, Max 
Civil Service
Vogl, Frank World-wide Corruption
Wald, Patricia Privacy and National Security
Wessner, Charles Innovation
Wilensky, Gail Obamacare
Wittes, Tamara Cofman Middle East Policy